My career has not been a straightforward path and It was motivated by intellectual curiosity and the drive to understand the human condition.

Being a Digital Transformation Consultant & Strategic Workflow Specialist is the product of 2 passions that were deliberately mashed together: my love for technology & fascination for human behavior.

While attending Film School in Paris, France, I was concerned with all existential questions but also interested about what drives technology and scientific advancement, always trying to understand it from a philosophical perspective. As my interests evolved and became less generic, I realized that technology, in the decades to come, will impact the entire global workforce in ways not yet fully understood and unemployment will very likely spike.

I am still looking at those issues from a philosophical perspective. In my opinion, this time of uncertainty is a great opportunity to create more fulfillment around work. Automation can be seen as a threat or an opportunity to eliminate mindless, repetitive work. Adding an entrepreneurial mindset to the automation equation, and collective, we could create a workforce that aims to explore human potential.

From this realization, I found my mission: To create freedom by leveraging technology & therefore, maximizing human potential. To accomplish my mission I have 2 avenues that work in parallel, complementing each other:

I created Project Reflections, one on one coaching sessions. Project Reflections is an enterprise aiming to promote emotional healing and self-discovery by converging, people, methods and techniques under one project. It is a unique approach to create the life you desire through Self-Realization. The Coaching Session allows for the identification of embedded emotional blockages and traumas as well as their associated beliefs, which continually run in your unconscious mind veiling the truth of who you are and masking your full potential. I have been a Life Coach since 2010, and have always been focused on this same goal, using intuition as my preferredĀ coaching method.

I founded Opes Consulting Co where we design and implement digital workflow systems based on the way people think, act and collaborate. We also conduct workshops where we empower employees to use those new tools.

I also love to spend time talking about Utopical Futuristic scenarios, speculate if Singularity will ever happen or explore the fact we could be all living in a computer simulation.