What is Project Reflections?

If you are looking for ways to explore within and learn more about yourself, you may find this project an interesting tool.

Project Reflections mandate is simple: to help people explore their beliefs so they can better understand why they behave the way they do. 

How does it work?

At this moment, I am offering one-on-one coaching sessions, by donation. (Donation is NOT mandatory) The sessions are also available through video conference (Google Hangouts).

Please understand that right now availability is limited, but if you wish to book a session, please go to the appointment page and book your session. The sessions can be in person if you live in Squamish, BC or online using Google Hangouts.

What is the method used?

Although I have studied for years different Life Coach methods, and I use the many of the techniques, I am not a traditional Life Coach. My main tool during sessions is intuition. I use intuition to access:

The higher level of my own consciousness: I have access to knowledge and information that serves the person in session.

The higher level of my interlocutor consciousness: I may have access to background history, family history, behavior patterns, hidden patterns and other tangible information that is useful to accelerate self-awareness of the person in the session.

Entities and guides from other realms: I may access entities and guides in other realms that may engage in conversation with my interlocutor or give input into the conversation, always influencing the session in a positive way, helping to accelerate self-awareness of the person in the session.

Project Reflections Future

As this project expands, other forms of assistance will be provided. Please contact me if you have suggestions or ideas.

Below is the Project Reflections Logo. It represents the many Human Facets, Unit and the reflection within Unit.