What is Project Reflections?

Project Reflections is an enterprise aiming to promote emotional healing and self-discovery by converging, people, methods and techniques under one project. It is a unique approach to create the life you desire through Self-Realization.

Coaching Sessions:

Everything begins with a coaching session,  a talk, which is the initial step in opening up the participant mental and emotional bodies for an introspective journey. The Coaching Session allows for the identification of embedded emotional blockages and traumas as well as their associated beliefs, which continually run in your unconscious mind veiling the truth of who you are and masking your full potential. We do not need to suffer because we all have the key that opens the door to self-awareness which is the path to Self-Realization.

How can I book a Coaching Sessions?

You are so close, please allow yourself to remove what is holding you back from the life you desire. If you wish to book a session, please go to the appointment page and book your session. The sessions can be in person if you live in Squamish, BC or online using Google Hangouts.

What is the method used in the Coaching Sessions?

We combine traditional Life Coach interviewing techniques with an intuitive analysis.

There is more to Human Being than meets the eye. Like layers of an onion, humans are formed by many layers through which consciousness can be expressed. We have our physical body, that in itself, is formed by many layers and systems. We have our emotional body, the mental body, the energetical body and other non-physical bodies which cannot be perceived with our senses or current scientific measurements methods. The intuitive analysis is performed from a higher state of consciousness, tapping into the non-physical layers ensuring that all feedback received from the analysis is personalized and specific to your current life situation. The goal is to identify how you feel, why you feel it, how you want to feel and develop a roadmap towards creating the life you desire.

Project Reflections Future

Project Reflections is in its infancy. As this project expands, other forms of assistance will be provided, through our healer’s network. Please contact me if you have suggestions or ideas.

Below is the Project Reflections Logo. It represents the many Human Facets, Unit and the reflection within Unit.